Harvested from the deepest parts of the oceans by indigenous peoples of the world.

I was fortunate enough to come by these pieces via an estate sale.

Once these pieces are gone, they are gone.

The pieces of black coral I have are untreated & vary in weight from around 5 grammes to 150 grammes.

The value & rarity of black coral is by far greater than the common red & white coral.

The black coral takes a polish well as you can see in some of the pics here.

The black coral has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times.

It was used in jewelry by the Ancient Egyptians, believed by some cultures to have magical properties, and treasured for its unique beauty.

This gemstone is formed from calcium carbonate secretions on certain species of coral found in tropical waters around the world.

The majority of commercial production comes from Hawaii, where it can be harvested without harming living reefs.

Black coral is one of the long-lasting materials known to man—it’s estimated to last up to 25 million years!

Its strength makes it ideal for use in high-end jewelry such as rings and pendants, while its dark hue gives off an air of mystery and sophistication.

In modern times, this exotic stone has become increasingly popular due to its rarity and striking appearance.

Black coral gemstones are highly sought after due to their rarity, making them a valuable commodity. It’s believed that the stone has been around for millions of years and can only be found in certain parts of the world, including Hawaii and Japan.

Black coral is rarely seen on the market because it takes many years for it to grow to a large enough size for human use.

Black corals are found in deep sea waters around the world and belong to the mineral group known as scleractinian corals. They have an average hardness rating of three on the Mohs scale and feature unique surfaces that appear almost glassy due to their dark coloration.

Harvesting black coral from the ocean floor requires special licenses and permits as it is an endangered species protected by law. As such, this makes access to this mineral extremely limited, adding to its rarity.

Collectors who are lucky enough to get their hands on these precious stones often pay high prices for them since they have become so rare over time.

I have not yet set a price per gramme for this black coral, If you have an interest contact me.Henry

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Author: Henry