THESE ADVANCED DRUNKEN PARROT TREES ARE AROUND 3-4metres TALL IN LARGE 100 litre GROW-BAGS, I HAVE SMALLER ONES AS WELL.Prices vary & will depend on the size of the tree, Currently prices go from between $78 to $890. They are also known as tree Fuchia Schotia brachypetala & other names

Schotia brachypetala, the weeping boer-bean, is a leguminous flowering tree in the family Fabaceae (bean family/pod-bearing family/legumes) and the subfamily Detarioideae.

The woodland tree is native to Africa south of the Zambezi River, where it occurs at middle altitudes.

It is well-suited as shade or ornamental tree in warmer regions, and is consequently widely cultivated in gardens and parks. It is named for the copious nectar that drips from its flowers, which attracts various species of birds and insects.

It is known by various other names, including tree fuchsia, African greenheart and African walnut.

A medium to large, spreading tree, growing up to 20 metres, but more commonly from 5 to 10 metres depending on conditions. Canopy spread can vary between 5 and 15 metres.

Trees grown in poor soil or in very dry conditions tend to be smaller (about 5 metres tall with a 5-metre canopy spread) and more sparsely foliated.

Trunk form varies from specimens with single trunks to low-branching specimens with multiple trunks. Leaves are compound, composed of four to eight pairs of leaflets.

Each has an entire, wavy margin and is attached by a stem to the rachis. The bark is smooth and varies from grey to light brown from tree to tree.

Flowers are numerous, a deep red, and filled with nectar. Flowers generally appear in spring, although exact flowering times vary from tree to tree.

The fruit is a hard, woody pod about 15 cm long that splits on the tree releasing the seeds, each attached by a yellow aril.

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Author: Henry