Real quick still-walk through of one of my favorite greens: broccoli leaves. I go over 3 of my favorite ways to prepare them.

In Italy, they grow a type of broccoli that doesn’t make florets called spigariello that tastes like really sweet lacinato kale, and it’s massive in size. It’s a fantastic green.

You can harvest the leaves of any broccoli plant though. If you have access to land you can put a food plot in, deer plot seed mixes usually contain a type of non-flowering broccoli–it’s a great way to feed animals, and get your greens at the same time.

an Italian form of sprouting broccoli known as “Spigariello”. Seed is available in Australia and is the only way to grow. Harvest the productive leaves over the growing season.

COMMON NAMESpigariello, Leaf broccoli
BOTANICAL NAMEBrassica oleracea cv.
ORIGINSouthern Italy
FEATURESSprouting broccoli. Leaves can be harvested and eaten like spinach. Easy to grow.
BEST POSITIONFull sun or part shade.
PREFERRED SOILWell draining soil
PROPAGATIONSeed | Plant seeds to a depth of approx 8cm deep with 20cm spacing.
POTENTIAL PROBLEMSWatch out for aphids and caterpillars. Remove flowering stems and harvest leaves regularly to promote growth.

The plant grows just like kale, but produces small broccoli-like florets late in the season. Every part of the plant is edible and tastes like broccoli.

The new growth is tender enough to eat raw right off the plant.

Both of these leaf broccoli plants‘A Getti di Napoli’ and Spigarello are one and the same!

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