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Glochidion ferdinandi – Cheese Tree
Phyllanthaceae (previously- Euphorbiaceae)
Common Name:
Cheese Tree
Generally located along NSW coastal areas from Ulladulla north to
Queensland then across the top end to the Kimberly region in WA. In
HSC found in wetter forests and estuarine areas. Communities O1
(107.9 ha), O2 (10.9 ha), RF1 (5.9 ha), Q1 (271.1 ha), R (281.1 ha), S
(62.3 ha) and SF1 (4.6 ha) also increasing in wet gully reserves which
have had less occurrence of fire in more recent periods.
Derivation of Name:
Glochidion, Greek, glochis or glochin projecting point: hence, barb of an
arrow, referring to the toothed style (in flower) of some species. ferdinandi is in honour of the Victorian State Botanist Ferdinand von Mueller.

Conservation Status:
Adequately conserved. Most likely increasing. Maybe some long term
threats with projected sea level rise in estuarine environments.

Grows as a bushy shrub or up to a medium sized broad tree to 10m in

height with a dark green canopy of foliage.

The bark is light coloured and
slightly flaky in appearance. Foliage is bright shiny green, individual
leaves are elliptical in shape , 3–10 cm long and upto 3cm wide, although
they are simple leaves the two rank arrangement gives a pinnate
compound leaf appearance. Flowers appear between July and
December, they are small and greenish –yellow in colour . Fruit is a
characteristically pumpkin shaped or “edam” cheese shaped up to 20mm
in diameter, splitting when ripe to reveal seeds covered in a bright red-
orange aril within. Maybe semi-deciduous in winter.

More than 60 years.
Horticultural Merit and uses:
Used in revegetation programs as a pioneer planting, useful small tree
for gardens with a dense shady canopy or for providing a screen.

sucker if root zone is disturbed. Tolerates a wide range of soils as long
as there is adequate moisture for growth. Quite hardy once established.

Fauna Value:
Fruits are eaten by several bird species, including the, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Olive-backed Oriole, rainforest pigeons and doves, and
parrots. Food source for butterfly larvae of the Shining Pencil-blue, and
the Common Oak

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