Dried Lantana Camara 100 Leaves Verbena Angel Lips for sale Qld OZ $10+p/p

Indian medicinal dried plant leaves for sale at $10 for 100 leaves.Or buy 200 leaves for $15.Add $5 pack/post to the order.

The following is some info as to the uses & benefits of this much aligned plant .

Medicinal properties of the leaves:This is one weed that has many uses

Lantana Camara has amazing health benefits too. According to a published medical review on medicinal properties of lantana.

Its leaves are used for treating malaria, chickenpox, asthma, ulcer, swelling, eczema, tumor, high blood pressure, bilious fever, sores, measles, fevers, colds and high blood pressure.

A source of essential oil: Lantana essential oil is extracted from the leaves through the steam distillation method.

The extract has a pale yellow colour and its aroma exhibits woody undertone and scent like that of basil.

The processed and tested lantana essential oil is used externally for treating skin irritation, leprosy, and scabies.

It is also an antiseptic for wounds.
This is a much used & loved plant product in India for a variety of conditions.

Henry. I do not sell the seeds or the live plants. Just sell the dried leaves

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Author: Henry