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Betula platyphylla, commonly known as Japanese White Birch originates from North eastern China, Japan, Korea and eastern Russia and is one of the hardiest and most ornamental of the Birch trees.

Growing to some 15m in height and 5m in width it is notable for shiny green summer foliage and brilliant yellow Autumn colour set off against its pure white bark.

PAPER BIRCH [Betula Papyrifers]
TREE SEEDS. $4 PER 10 SEEDS.Add $4 pack/post to order

There are many landscape uses for this beautiful specimen, including an excellent lawn tree, shade tree, as a specimen for showy bark or near a deck or patio and as a Bonsai subject.

Also called the white birch tree, the paper birch gets its name from its thin, white papery bark. The paper birch tree has ornamental value in garden landscapes due to its golden fall color and thin, exfoliating, smooth pure white bark. Leaves are egg-shaped with irregularly toothed margins.
Birch trees belong to the genus Betula in the beech-oak family Fagales. Birch trees typically grow between 40 and 70 ft. (12 – 21 m) tall with canopies 35 to 60 ft. (10 – 18 m) wide. Dwarf birch trees are small trees that don’t grow taller than 30 ft. (9 m), and some only grow 3 ft. (1 m) tall.

There are between 30 and 60 birch (Betula) species, with 18 being native to North America. Birch is a short-lived tree that thrives in cold, northern climates where it grows in moist ground.

Some species of birch have slender, single trunks with irregular-shaped canopies. The birch foliage tends to grow higher up the tree, revealing white-gray, red, or black bark. You’ll also find clumping birch trees with multiple trunks growing together from the ground.

White birch trees are also ornamental trees suitable for residential landscapes.

Birch wood is also prized for its density and strength. Wood from birch trees is used to make skateboards, plywood, and loudspeaker cabinets. Additionally, birch is excellent firewood because it burns well even if damp.

It is easy to grow, fast growing, adaptable to many soil conditions and ultimately frost hardy.

In all cases the ‘Birch’ tree is a must have for so many reasons. Different..!!

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