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Althacea officinalis

This plant was used to make the original ‘marshmallow’ sweet.

It is a bog plant so likes a moist soil and produces attractive pink flowers on a tall perennial plant.

The roots can be used medicinally for coughs and colds, soothing the throat and can be made into a poultice to sooth skin irritation and heal wounds.

Best in cooler climates.


This plant likes a full sun position.

Sow in early spring – Mix seeds with some damp sand either in pots or a plastic bag  and place the in the fridge for four to six weeks.

If they begin to germinate take them out and carefully plant out. If not, take out after 4 weeks and plant seeds out.

Avoid planting when frosts are likely.

Sow 5mm, seedlings emerge 7-30 days, germination may be erratic.Sow in Spring

These seeds need stratification before planting

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Author: Henry