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A herbal shrub that has white flowers. Said to have medicinal properties & African women smoke the dried leaf & get into a trance like state. This has yet to be confirmed,If you have any info re this please let me know & share.


The leaves and flowers are traditionally smoked or chewed on ceremonial occasions, to induce trance-like states along with drumming and dancing. The roots were also brewed as a tea for these occasions.

Justicia Carnea (jus-TEE-see-ah KAR-nee-uh) is a flowering plant whose leaves are reportedly used by many traditional healers to cure anaemia. It has also been proven by researchers who used animal models in a new study that Justicia Carnea possesses blood-boosting properties more effective than blood tonics.

This enables it to effectively restore blood levels to normalcy within short period of treatment. Justicia Carnea leaves extract contains a rich supply of iron, riboflavin, vitamins B1, B2, B9, and B12. Vitamin B aids in the formation of red blood cells and helps to build tissues.

It is believed by local consumers in Ghana to possess anti-anaemic effects that boost blood levels in pregnant women, anaemic patients and also replenishes blood lost through the menstrual cycle of women.

The plant is also known as Brazilian plume flower, Brazilian-plume, flamingo flower, King’s crown and Jacobinia. To prepare the solution, I first remove few fresh leaves from the stem. I sort and wash them to get rid of dust and insects. I then drop the leaves of Justicia Carnea in boiled water in a closed container for about 15 minutes.

Despite it’s green leaves the boiled water turns into a purplish-red juice. Some have described the colour as red or crimson red. It actually looks purplish red when the extract is concentrated. This explains why it slightly discolors the tongue for a few minutes

Product being offered for sale are some small plants & leaf .material.Plants will be available in due course Prices have yet to be set. I have a large mother plant that has produced white flowers & in seed as i write this.

There is more info to be posted here, and will be done as soon as I have done my research Seeds will also become available when harvested.

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