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Pandan, Pandanus amaryllifolius

Pandan aromatic leaves from the pandan plant used extensively in Asian cooking to enhance the flavour & aroma of the dish. he leaves are offered in lots of 10 leaves for $10 or $1 each.Add $5 pack post charges to the order.Larger volumes will attract better prices.

Have you heard of the pandan plant? Chances are if you have eaten a South-East Asian meal you have already tasted it, and perhaps unknowingly savoured it. Referred to flatteringly as “vanilla of the East”, pandan is an essential ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

Pandan cake is a delicious treat.

In Thailand pandan often accompanies chicken dishes, in Malaysia it is used to flavour rice, and in Indonesia it is ubiquitous in cakes and desserts. In fact, there are culinary classes on the Indonesian island of Bali dedicated to teaching foreign visitors the importance and uses of the pandan plant in local cuisine.

green coconut sweet pudding Thai dessert on stainless spoon

Pandan leaf tied around sticky rice. Photo: CC Flickr.

What is it about this plant that makes it so sought-after in the garden around the world? The unique, distinctly Asian flavour combines perfectly with other oriental kitchen essentials such as coconut milk, turmeric and palm sugar. In South-East Asia, pandan leaf is used to wrap chicken, meat, fish, rice and desserts before they are barbecued or steamed. It adds a distinct sweet taste to dishes, drinks and desserts.

Pandan leaves are used to wrap and flavour fried chicken in Thailand.

Interestingly, a key characteristic of pandan is its deep green hue, and this colour is often intentionally sought to colour pandan-based desserts and drinks. Does this conjure up memories of tasting sweet and green concoctions overseas? The taste is unforgettable, and although pandan essence and colouring is available for cooks who don’t want to spend time extracting the colour from the leaves themselves, there is a status afforded to those who manage to not only find but actually grow the plant outside the tropics. Pandan is the prized crown in any serious gardener’s herb patch.

Pandan and coconut jelly.

Pandan, Pandanus amaryllifolius, is a tropical plant native to Malaysia in the Pandanus (screwpine) genus. It is related to the big pandanus trees commonly seen at Australian beaches throughout the warmer parts of the country. The leaves are long, ribbed and lance-shaped and as a garden specimen it has a unique appearance, somewhat like a spiky yucca plant of only about a metre tall. To the casual observer it would not be out of place surrounded by succulents.

This is not the pandanus palm but a different plant.However I have the pandanus palms for sale as well Henry

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