Sterculia quadrifida Peanut Tree Seedlings for sale here QLD OZ $10

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The botanical name is Sterculia quadrifida and is a member of the Malvaceae family which include cotton, hibiscus, okra and cocao.

This family has some 200 genera with nearly 2,300 species and the Sterculia genus has some 250 species.

The scientific name is taken from Sterculius of Roman mythology, who was the god of manure.

This is in reference to the unpleasant aroma of the flowers of this genus (e.g., Sterculia foetida).

Yet the seed from these pods are “Bush Tucker” and very similar to normal peanuts and delicious – how dare they name this genus after the God of Manure!

The small white flowers are actually lemon scented and no way remind me of manure.

The gum of this tree is also apparently used as a glue and a thickener in cooking (similar to corn flower) while the bark is used by Aboriginal people for basket weaving, fishing lines and the sap to heal wounds.

Each pod when open contains about 8 black seeds which can then have the black coating or shell removed and eaten the same way as normal peanuts.

Although a lot softer – they are the same when roasted or used to make oil and peanut butter.

I also have this tree in mature sizes with 300 litre growbags

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Author: Henry