Brush Cherry Apple For Sale [Syzygium Australe ] Trees online here OZ $55

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Brush Cherry Apple Syzygium Australe Other names: Creek Satin-ash
FRUIT X 10 FOR SALE, $1.50 each. Add $10 for pack/post up to 100 fruits.
Seeds are currently limited but at this point I have plants for $55 each.
in 45 litre grow-bags & a few smaller ones at cheaper prices.Want.?ASK.

Plants under 1 metre can be posted via Aust post EXPRESS.

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The Brush Cherry Apple is a common widespread tree species growing in a range of different forest types including rain forests and can reach a height of 25m or more.

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New growth in the densely foliated canopy will flush in salmon colours. Bark on mature specimens is brown in colour with a rough, flaky and fissured texture at the base of the trunk.

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Gorgeous white flowers bloom over summer and reach up to 2.5cm in diameter. The edible fruit is; pink to red in colour, pear shaped, up to 55mm long and matures in autumn.

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It contains a single seed, which when squeezed will divide into multiple segments each capable of germinating.

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Simple leaves with an opposite arrangement are; up to 7cm long (sometimes longer), varied in shape from ob-ovate (reverse egg-shaped) to elliptic with entire margins, hairless, dark green, glossy on top, lighter green and shiny below, strong and firm in texture.


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Leaf apex is short acuminate, base shape is cuneate. Venation featuring straight lateral veins and an intramarginal vein (a vein running parallel to the leaf edge) is only faintly visible.

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Distribution: From the south coast of NSW to northern Qld..

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If I may add a note. I am enjoying a nightly drink with this beautiful OZ bush tucker cherry/apple with my beer, wine & or special spirit mix. If you like very sweet, then this is not for you. If you like fine wines, beers & luscious spirit concoctions with an exotic touch, then go for it., what more can I say.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE.NOW,..;I personally collected these seeds from which I have germinated into the trees that are for sale now.

Any questions or if buying, contact me HERE

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