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The below description was given to me by my supplier.I insert same for your guidance with very few corrections

The Legume family.Christia Obcordata Green Brown leaf colouring.
Chrystia obovate (Latin: Christia obcordat) is an unusually beautiful perennial, but so far, due to its low popularity, this herbaceous plant is not widely distributed among lovers of indoor plants. Chrystia acquired its decorative effect due to its triangular leaves.

They are located on thin petioles and have the shape of open butterfly wings. If you touch them, you can feel their soft, silky surface. On the bright green background of the upper surface of the leaf there is a pattern in the form of dark red wavy stripes in the veins of the leaf. There are also varieties of K. Chrystia with purple stripes on a yellow-green background of leaves.

Location-you need to find a place with a golden mean, where there will be no harmful sun rays for Chrystia, but at the same time there should be plenty of light so that the leaves do not lose their color. For good growth, windows facing north-east or north-west are suitable.
Temperature ā€“ summer comfortable temperature of 25-30 Ā°C.
Watering-it is recommended once or twice a week, the most important thing is that the soil does not dry out.
Humidity-be sure to spray once a day, using a small spray gun.

Top Dressing ā€“ in the warm period of the year, a solution of fertilizers for decorative leaves of weak concentration is applied.
Transplantation and soil-usually the Chrystia obovate grows slowly, so it is transplanted every two to three years in a not too large capacity compared to the previous one.
Reproduction ā€“ by seeds. Henry

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